Leader in WiFi technology and in the industry of integral network solutions; providing the best solutions to the business, hotel and educational sector, in order to help take organizations to a world of virtualization, where applications and information have to be hosted in data centers.



Scalable medium to large size enterprise class smart WLAN controller.

ZoneFlex R300

Smart Wi-Fi Dual-band 802.11N concurrent Access Point, ideal for restaurants.

ZoneFlex R600

Smart Wi-Fi 3×3:3 Dual-band 802.1ac Access Point, ideal for meeting and conference rooms.

Zone Director 1200

Scalable medium to large size enterprise class smart LAN controller.

ZoneFlex R310 Unleashed

Wi-Fi access point controller-less for small business.

ZoneFlex T300

High capacity and performance Wi-Fi access point, great for outdoors.

ZoneFlex H500

High performance wall-mounted 802.11ac access point and wired switch.

ZoneFlex R500

Smart Wi-Fi Dual-band 2×2:2 802.11N concurrent Access Point, perfect for malls.

ZoneFlex P300

Smart 802.11ac 5GHz Point-to-point / multipoint wireless bridge.

ICX 7450 Switch

Ideal for educational branch.

ICX 7250 Switch

Ideal for hotels.


  • Beamflex Antenna – Ruckus Wireless Patented Technology.
  • Large capacity of supported users.
  • High end security.
  • Low-cost solutions.
  • México deals: Fórmula 1 & Abierto Mexicano de Tenis.

And more

  • High speed ports.
  • Higher capacity, less space usage.
  • Ruckus Wireless integration
  • Effortless integration with other technologies.

SAMA WIFI as the only one in the market with immediate shipment stock in Mexico.

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