Wi-Fi connectivity perfect for everyone.

Mojo Networks is revolutionizing the WiFi thanks to the power of cloud and open standards. The innovation of this great company empowers IT with better user experiences, more options and more speed, all at much lower costs.



Provides business to environments that require a standard network and Internet access. Ideal for networks designed for access to public Wi-Fi or for smaller locations that admint limited devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Ideal for busy environments with different clients and Wi-Fi requirements. It is a high-power access point that supports critical applications such as voice, video and cloud easily.


Leader in the next generation of access points 802.11ac, It has for antennas and four spatial flows for truly unprecedented performance..


Ideal to deliver high performance on hard surfaces or outdoors such as schoos, outdoor sections of hotels, campus, warehouses, stadiums, shopping centers, among others.

What does Mojo offers?

In every single one of Mojo Network products you will find the next beneffits:

  • Cognitive WiFi
  • Absolute cloud.
  • Devotion of open standards

Ideal for:

  • Business.
  • Education.
  • Government.

Success case:

Comercial Mexicana:

“Mojo had the best WIPS solution that could overlap any WLAN solution, including our previous Motorola Wi-Fi network, but the fact that Mojo also had a solution for simultaneously operate as an access point and a WIPS sensor played an important role in our choise of Mojo.”

-Padilla Loza,
IT Deputy Director,
Tienda Comercial Mexicana

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