The bark side of Ruckus

For those who are already aware of who is Ruckus, let me tell you that it goes beyond just a high-tech product such as Access Points, Switches and Cloud solutions. As a distributor we work together hand to hand with Ruckus to bring you not only products but more...

My experience with Metageek

What’s wrong with my client’s Wi-Fi signal? What can be affecting their wireless network? Would they need to improve their infrastructure? These are some questions that our customers usually ask, mostly when we visit them. How can we help them? Nowadays there are...

Cloud Wi-Fi

For organizations who decide to switch to cloud-managed Wi-Fi, the biggest challenge is the appropriate selection of a cloud service provider that can meet their specific needs. To help organizations with this decision, this blog presents several advantages of Mojo...

Ruckus will present solution to monetize Wi-Fi

Ruckus and Grupo SAMA Wi-Fi will perform the “The Perfect Match” event in Mexico City to present to their sales channels the purple solution, a platform that helps maximize the utilities of service companies such as hotels, restaurants, malls and airports, among...

Arris buys Ruckus & ICX switch for US $800

Bruce McClelland, CEO de ARRIS Arris announced the purchase of Brocade communications systems, a leader in the comprehensive network solutions industry. This great opportunity will make Arris diversify and reach new specialized markets. This great opportunity will...

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